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    It's been 10 years since the scene was graced with Mayday Parade's iconic first EP. To celebrate...

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  3. Mayday Parade want to pull more towards the rock side of pop-rock

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  7. Mayday Parade announce ‘Tales Told By Dead Friends’ 10-year tour

    Mayday Parade have announced a 10-year tour for their debut EP, Tales Told By Dead Friends&mdash...

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  10. Mayday Parade, the Maine play “Jumper” with Third Eye Blind frontman at APMAs

    [Photo credit: Paris Visone] The Maine went up against Mayday Parade in a head-to-head band...

  11. Mayday Parade release new music video

    Mayday Parade have released a music video for their track "Let's Be Honest." Check out the clip,...

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