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All Entries Tagged: Metal

  1. Blog is calling out plagiarized heavy metal album artwork

    A new blog is pegging seemingly plagiarized heavy metal album cover artwork, as pointed out by Metal Sucks. ...

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  4. This metal cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” is the best thing you’ll hear all day

    There’s nothing that we love more than a good metal cover, and UMC shared their cover...

  5. Avril Lavigne’s ‘My Happy Ending’ goes folk metal with Tengger Cavalry cover

  6. Slayer-fueled sign spinner gets paid to headbang

    [Image Credit: Facebook] Listening to some of your favorite bands makes any boring job better, but imagine if...

  7. Metal legends can be keeping your feet warm with these amazing ‘Legends of Metal’ socks

    Have you ever looked down at your socks and thought they just weren't metal enough? Stance feels...

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  9. Watch this police officer spontaneously jam with a local garage metal band

    When the cops show up to your metal band’s rehearsal session, nine times out of ten...

  10. Metal band releases 101-song album, breaks World Record, just “to pass on some time”

    Sweden’s Kapten Hurricane broke a record that most people probably didn’t even realize existed....

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