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  1. Wisconsin venue employee says “no more metalcore”

    An employee at the Wisconsin venue Borg Ward recently took to Facebook to vent his discontent towards the...

  2. Metal fans are the most loyal music fans, study shows

    Which music fans are the most loyal? Spotify has attempted to answer that question by conducting a study,...

  3. Things elitist metal fans say

    Brain Storm and Massive Metal Covers have posted this funny video, “Things Elitist Metal Fans Say,”...

  4. Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows: “Metalcore has been left behind”

    For Avenged Sevenfold fans anticipating a return to the Waking The Fallen days, you can finally give those...

  5. 2014 Readers Poll: Best AltPress Article


  6. 13 metalcore songs any death-metal fan can like


  7. The Hell frontman tells metalcore to “f*ck off,” calls Falling In Reverse “classic metalcore”

    “Nails,” the frontman for Prosthetic Records band the Hell recently hit caps lock and typed an...

  8. 5 Albums That Electrified Metalcore


  9. Darkness Divided sign with Victory Records

    Christian metalcore band Darkness Divided have signed with Victory Records. “We are incredibly stoked to be...

  10. Thoughts In Reverse premiere “Patron Saints” lyric video

    Syracuse, New York-based metalcore quintet Thoughts In Reverse have premiered their lyric video for "Patron Saints." This single...

  11. Shreddy Krueger - Curses EP


  12. A Bullet For Pretty Boy - Symbiosis