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  2. Mikey Way to play bass for Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley

    Former My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way has confirmed that he will join Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley...

  3. “Depth almost always comes from adversity”—Mat Devine on his advice compendium ‘Weird War One’

  4. Electric Century (Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance) are in the studio

    Electric Century, the new project from former My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way, Dave...

  5. “I fell into total darkness.” —Mikey Way (Electric Century, My Chemical Romance) on addiction, rehab

    Mikey Way, former bassist of My Chemical Romance, has opened up about his addiction and rehabilitation on his...

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  7. Electric Century - “I Lied” (SONG PREMIERE)

  8. Mikey Way (ex-My Chemical Romance) posts studio photos

    Former My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way is currently recording with members of New Jersey-based New London Fire. ...

  9. #MCRmyForLife: 20 ways to celebrate International My Chemical Romance Day

  10. Mikey Way (ex-My Chemical Romance) confirms new band

    Mikey Way, former bassist of My Chemical Romance has confirmed via Twitter that he may have...

  11. Gerard and Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) discuss working with The Aquabats

    My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way and bassist Mikey Way appear on today's installment of Kevin Smith'...