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All Entries Tagged: Mikey Way

  1. Exclusive: Ex-MCR drummer shares his memories of recording ‘The Black Parade’

  2. “It doesn’t get stuck in your head; it haunts you”—We preview MCR’s unreleased ‘Black Parade’ demos

  3. 11 weird and obscure facts about ‘The Black Parade’

    If you were among the 98 percent who failed our recent Ultimate 'The Black Parade' quiz, consider this a...

  4. Mikey Way’s Electric Century share new album for free on Amazon Music

    Electric Century's For The Night To Control is now free on Amazon Music. Read more: &ldquo...

  5. Gallery: Jack Barakat celebrates birthday with opening of music-themed bar in LA

  6. Mikey Way’s Harry Potter house, Transit’s farewell and 15 other things you may have missed this week

    Through our endless scrolling and clicking, we inevitably come across a massive amount of content that doesn't...

  7. Gerard Way, Mikey Way team up for new Andy Black track—hear teaser

    Andy Black's upcoming album The Shadow Side is star-studded, including features from Matt Skiba and...

  8. Mikey Way marries fiancée

    Congratulations to Mikey Way and his fiancée Kristin Colby! The couple married this past...

  9. Mikey Way’s Electric Century announce debut album

    Mikey Way (ex-My Chemical Romance) has announced that he will be releasing his new project Electric Century's...

  10. 5 things you should know about Waterparks before they get big

  11. Mikey Way to play bass for Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley

    Former My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way has confirmed that he will join Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley...

  12. “Depth almost always comes from adversity”—Mat Devine on his advice compendium ‘Weird War One’