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All Entries Tagged: Minor Threat

  1. Influential punk label Dischord Records now has its entire catalog streaming for free

    Legendary D.C. punk label Dischord Records has made its entire catalog free to stream online! Check out...

  2. 10 classic hardcore bands you need to get into now

  3. 10 songs that will make you a fan of hardcore in no time

  4. Memorial show for John Stabb of Government Issue in DC tonight

    Photo: John Stabb Facebook page. Boycott Cancer, a benefit show in tribute to Government Issue singer John &ldquo...

  5. 10 Classic Records (still in print) that Any Self-Respecting Vinyl Collector Must Own

  6. Guilty of being misquoted: Confessions of a “Straight Edge Dude”

    Recently, an article was posted that portrayed both myself and the record label I own, No Sleep Records,...

  7. Minor Threat license t-shirt design to Urban Outfitters

    Minor Threat's former frontman, Ian MacKaye, has given the O.K. over to Urban...

  8. Hardcore History Lesson: Watch a 1983 set from Minor Threat at Rollerworks

    While stumbling around the internet today, a full set from Minor Threat came up on YouTube that was...

  9. Under The Covers: Gallows vs. Thrice

  10. Lyle Preslar (Minor Threat) appears on Going Off Track in rare interview

    Minor Threat guitarist Lyle Preslar gave a rare interview to the Going Off Track podcast--a preview is available...

  11. Exclusive Video: Tim McIlrath tours his memorabilia closet, with bonus Minor Threat relics

    In this exclusive video, Tim McIlrath takes AP into his memorabilia closet, which contains Rise Against concert posters,...

  12. Under The Covers: Minor Threat vs. the Sex Pistols