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  1. Ex-Attack Attack! vocalist Phil Druyor starts new band, releases new song

    Vocalist Phil Druyor, of I Am Abomination and formerly of Attack Attack!, has started a new...

  2. “Nativ is at a halt. No shows, no album details, no new songs”—Phil Druyor on state of the band

    Phil Druyor of Nativ (Formerly Attack Attack!) posted a statement on the band’s Facebook page,...

  3. Nativ release fall tour sampler

    Nativ are preparing to embark on their fall tour with Sylar and Lionfight. A sampler with tracks from...

  4. Nativ release “Subtle Ticks” lyric video

    Nativ have premiered a lyric video for "Subtle Ticks" on BryanStars Interviews. The band will perform at Riot...

  5. AP Recommends: 3 new artists you must see at Riot Fest


  6. Nativ stream new song, “Not Yours”

    Nativ have premiered a new song titled, "Not Yours." The band will be performing at Riot Fest in...

  7. Nativ (formerly Attack Attack!) confirm new identity

    Nativ have officially confirmed via Facebook that they are, indeed, the band formerly known as Attack Attack!. ...

  8. Song Premiere: Nativ, “Lately”