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All Entries Tagged: New Politics

  1. New Politics release a bold, anthemic new single, “One Of Us”

  2. APTV Sessions: New Politics - “Harlem” (Acoustic)

    New Politics kick of APTV's Acoustic Weekend with an energetic stripped-down rendition of their breakout single "Harlem."...

  3. APTV Sessions: New Politics - “Give Me Hope”

    This Acoustic Weekend, we're bringing you two more performances. Up first is New Politics performing "Give Me...

  4. New Politics, Griswolds drummers not “Sorry” about Justin Bieber cover

  5. New Politics give us dance lessons

    New Politics frontman David Boyd has some undeniable stage moves. From standing backflips to full-blown breakdancing, he'...

  6. APTV Sessions: New Politics - “Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens)” [Acoustic]

    On this week's APTV Acoustic Weekend, we bring you another great performance from APTV Sessions! New Politics...

  7. A countdown of the 17 best New Year’s Eve performances

  8. What would bands look like with dyed hair?

    Have you ever looked at someone's natural hair color and thought, "He would look great with pink...

  9. New Politics perform “Girl Crush” acoustic on APTV Sessions

    Today on APTV's Acoustic Weekend,  New Politics perform their latest single "Girl Crush," the hilarious video...

  10. New Politics and Five Knives drummers team up for Fetty Wap cover (exclusive)

  11. Dreaming of a Denmark Christmas with New Politics

    When New Politics stopped by the AP offices recently for an APTV Session, they ended up schooling us...

  12. New Politics can write hits. Playing them? That’s another story