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All Entries Tagged: Panic At The Disco

  1. I let my mom guess band names based on their photos

  2. Panic! At The Disco guitarist Kenneth Aaron Harris announces new EP

    Panic! At The Disco guitarist Kenneth Aaron Harris is striking out on his own with a side project....

  3. Lil Aaron revives meme-tastic dancing goth clip with ‘Hot Topic’ video

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  7. Elderly people interpret P!ATD lyrics, fall in love with the band

    [Photo by: Fine Brothers Entertainment] Fine Brothers Entertainment has already had elderly people try to decipher Twenty One...

  8. This Ohio marching band played an entire Panic! At The Disco halftime show—watch

    A College in AP's home state of Ohio has possibly the coolest marching band around since they...

  9. This Panic! At The Disco horror movie trailer has us panicking—watch

    [Photo by: Editing Is Everything/YouTube] Prepare for The Panicking, the horror movie trailer made from Panic! At...

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