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All Entries Tagged: Politics

  1. Every time the 2017 Emmys got political and took a jab at Trump

  2. Kid Rock’s latest political “speech” reveals his stance on transgender rights

    Though he has yet to properly announce his Senate run, Kid Rock has delivered yet another cringeworthy speech,...

  3. Juggalos for justice: Insane Clown Posse talk about their upcoming march on Washington

  4. Poll shows only 20 percent of Americans under 30 approve of Trump

    [Photo by: ACLU/Facebook] According to the most recent Gallup statistics, President Trump’s approval rating from 1...

  5. Op-Ed: Taylor Swift’s “us vs. them” mentality isn’t a great fit for 2017

  6. 17 bands speaking out with their music in 2017

  7. Ex-rocker turned politician running for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat

    [Photo credit:] Good news if you hate Texas State Senator Ted Cruz as much as the...

  8. Artists react to President Trump’s Muslim Ban

  9. 10 political punk songs to blast on Inauguration Day

  10. Should musicians be outspoken about their political beliefs? - AP POLL

  11. APMAs presidential race heats up; Gaskarth selects vice president

    As the APMAs 2016 presidential race between candidates Barakat and Gaskarth heats up, the All Time Low ...

  12. Ashestoangels release gold-splattered, politically charged “Not In My Name” video

    Ashestoangels have released a music video for "Not In My Name," the second single to be released...