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All Entries Tagged: Records

  1. The Internet Archive is an easy, new way to listen to your grandparents’ fave music

    If you’ve wanted to listen to your parents or grandparents’ favorite music, there’s...

  2. This ‘Crate Diggers’ record fair is a vinyl lover’s dream

    [Photo by: Crate Diggers] Discogs has announced that their Crate Diggers event, which includes a record fair and...

  3. 10 metal records to keep an ear out for during the rest of 2017

  4. Rapture Records creates playable record using a tortilla—watch

    How the idea to create a musical tortilla was ever come up with beats me, but it might...

  5. Brazilian man has amassed “several million” vinyl records

    The New York Times Magazine has ran a profile of Zero Freitas, a 62-year-old businessman from Brazil who...

  6. 8 things people do that make record collectors (and record store employees) crazy

  7. Record warehouse set ablaze during London riots

    A Sony-DADC warehouse containing albums distributed by PIAS [UK]--including releases on indie labels such as Victory, SideOneDummy...