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  1. Little Envy walk the line between the most extreme pop and the softest metal on new EP

  2. Mayday Parade explore grittier sound in new album

  3. How this movie poster epically trolled a negative critic

    Legend, the new gangster film starring Tom Hardy, was able to troll a negative critic by releasing a...

  4. Success’ ‘Radio Recovery’ is a satisfactory rendering of a style long gone out of vogue (review)

  5. There’s not one bad song on the Maine’s ‘American Candy’ (review)

  6. Jawbox ‘My Scrapbook Of Fatal Accidents’ reissue befits the strength of their influence (review)

  7. Never Young blur the lines among influences and genres on their self-titled EP

  8. Have Mercy and Somos are “subdued, but no less emotive” on their new Split EP

  9. Torche has made “the best Rush album ever” with ‘Restarter’

  10. toyGuitar provide pure punk not heard often these days on ‘In This Mess’

  11. UPDATE: Fall Out Boy stream new song; announce new album, ‘Save Rock And Roll’ and tour dates

    UPDATE: February 4 at 6:01 p.m. EST Fall Out Boy have announced, via BBC Radio One that they will...

  12. Onward To Olympas - Indicator