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  1. Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta’s 5 crucial albums for getting into the hardcore scene


  2. Sonic Poison (members of Sheer Terror, the Casualties, more) resurrect hardcore-punk on debut single

    Members of Sheer Terror, the Casualties, Deathcycle, Disnihil and Concrete Cross have teamed together to form Sonic...

  3. Stream Sheer Terror’s first album in 18 years

    Sheer Terror will release their first full-length album in 18 years, Standing Up For Falling Down, on...

  4. Sheer Terror premiere new song, “The Revenge Of Mr. Jiggs”

    Sheer Terror have premiered a second song from their upcoming studio album, Standing Up For Falling...

  5. Sheer Terror premiere new song, “Love You Like A Leper”

    Sheer Terror have premiered a brand new song titled "Love You Like A Leper." The track is taken...

  6. Sheer Terror announce first album in 18 years

    Sheer Terror have announced that they will be releasing their first album in 18 years on July 15 via Reaper...