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  1. Nick Major’s 10 Dos And Dont’s For Concertgoers

    APTV Correspondent Nick Major gives his 10 "do's and dont's" for concertgoers in his first APTV vlog! ...

  2. August Burns Red, ‘68 announce pre-Warped Tour shows

    August Burns Red and '68 have announced three shows that they will be playing on their way out to...

  3. 35 thoughts anyone who has ever been front row at a show has had

  4. Saosin to announce new shows with Anthony Green on Thursday

    Post-hardcore juggernauts Saosin have confirmed that they will be announcing new show dates with Anthony Green...

  5. Should bands tell fans how to behave at shows?

    The Atlantic recently ran an interesting article looking at the increasing tensions in the artist-audience relationship. In the...

  6. Anti-Flag announce ‘The Terror State’ 10-year anniversary shows

    Anti-Flag will be heading out in January for a few special shows celebrating the 10-year anniversary...

  7. Throwback Thursday: The Most Brutal Pits We’ve Survived

  8. Alkaline Trio to perform full discography over four nights in three cities

    Alkaline Trio have announced that they will be performing their entire discography over the course of four nights...

  9. The 10 Commandments Of Show-Going

  10. 2012 Readers Poll: Venue Of The Year