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All Entries Tagged: Skateboarding

  1. Watch Knocked Loose tear Webster Hall to pieces as skaters fly for Adidas, Zumiez event

    Two floors with skate ramps of all sizes, a faux brick wall for spray painting, devastating hardcore and...

  2. Skateboarding could be included in 2020 Olympics

    There’s a chance that the 2020 Olympic Games may have a new-wave twist to them: According to...

  3. Skateboarding legend Jay Adams dies at 53

    According to TMZ, legendary skater Jay Adams, who was portrayed by Emile Hirsch in the film Lords Of...

  4. Five Faves: Mat Welsh of While She Sleeps’ English travel guide

  5. Tom DeLonge (blink-182, Angels And Airwaves) talks about skateboarding

    Tome DeLonge of blink-182 and Angels And Airwaves recently sat down to discuss his skateboarding roots, which can...