Current Issue: #328 Mayday Parade

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  1. “You’re not just a number”—How Pinyata could redefine online interactions between bands and fans


  2. Twitter CEO says company sucks at “dealing with abuse and trolls”

    In a new memo obtained by the Verge, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo admitted that the company has failed...

  3. Attila’s Fronz has launched his very own “hate-free” social media app

    Attila frontman Chris "Fronz" Fronzak has launched his very own social media app, Spur, which allows users...

  4. Bands: Here’s how to stop getting burned by Facebook


  5. “The shift in consciousness is just beginning and it’s terrifying”—A conversation with Amanda Palmer


  6. How bands are using social media wrong

    A video has been making its way around YouTube, poking fun at the way local bands use social...

  7. No, We Won’t Stop Writing About That Band You Hate


  8. Pixies release alternate “Bagboy” video, join social media, announce LA and NY dates

    The Pixies have debuted a second music video for "Bagboy," the group's new single and first since 2004,...

  9. Facebook launches “Video On Instagram”

    Facebook has announced that it will bring video to Instagram, the popular photo sharing service which the company...

  10. Facebook launches Verified Pages

    Facebook announced earlier today that it is rolling out Verified Pages and profiles, much like the system already...

  11. Twitter launches #Music service

    Twitter #Music, Twitter's new service, which uses Twitter as a music aggregation and discovery tool, has launched...

  12. Instagram introduces web feed-browsing

    Instagram have announced via their blog today that you can now view your Instagram feed online. A...