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  3. The Ataris release 54 demos from ‘So Long, Astoria’

    After announcing their So Long, Astoria reunion tour—where the band will be performing the album...

  4. The Ataris announce ‘So Long, Astoria’ reunion tour

    The Ataris have announced their So Long, Astoria reunion tour where they'll be performing the 2003 album in...

  5. The Ataris release two new songs

    The Ataris have posted two tracks from their new album, The Graveyard Of The Atlantic, which can...

  6. The Ataris to headline “Paper and Plastered” tour with Flatfoot 56, Strung Out and more

    The Ataris have announced that they are set to headline the the "Paper + Plastered" ( a play on Paper +...

  7. Under The Covers: Dashboard Confessional vs. the Ataris

  8. The Ataris plan new album for summer, says Kris Roe

    Kris Roe of the Ataris recently revealed in an interview that the band's long-awaited new full-length, Graveyard...

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  10. The Ataris to finish recording “The Graveyard Of The Atlantic” in May

    The Ataris have revealed that they will complete their long-awaited sixth album, The Graveyard Of The Atlantic, beginning...