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  1. 10 Essential Thankful Songs

  2. And We Danced - Back To The Middle EP

  3. Jamie Woolford to perform new album online tonight with members of Descendents, Falling In Reverse

    Jamie Woolford (of The Stereo and Let Go) has announced that he will give a debut performance of...

  4. Song Premiere: Jamie Woolford, “The Miracle Mile”

  5. Exclusive: William Beckett, “1994 (The Stereo cover)”

    In honor of Fueled By Ramen's 15th anniversary, William Beckett of the Academy Is... is covering five...

  6. Interview: The Stereo’s Jamie Woolford on reuniting the band for FBR15

  7. Exclusive: The Stereo reunite to perform at Fueled By Ramen’s 15th Anniversary

    Beloved power-pop-influenced band The Stereo will be doing a reunion show as part of Fueled By Ramen's 1...