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  1. Rancid’s Tim Armstrong made a gory guest appearance in ‘The X-Files’ reboot

    Rancid singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong was on a new episode of The X-Files Monday, Feb. 8. In the episode,...

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  4. The Interrupters, ‘The Interrupters’ album premiere

  5. The Interrupters, “Family” (ft. Tim Armstrong) music video premiere

    Ska-punk band the Interrupters are teaming with AP to bring you the premiere of their new music video...

  6. Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Transplants) to have first ever solo art show in Los Angeles

    Rancid frontman and Grammy Award-winning musician Tim Armstrong will be having his first ever solo art show from...

  7. Transplants - In A Warzone

  8. Jimmy Cliff - Rebirth

  9. Watch Tim Armstrong of Rancid perform “Big River” (Johnny Cash)

    Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Transplants) recently performed an acoustic cover of Johnny Cash's "Big River" as part of...

  10. Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Transplants) performs “Easy Bay Night” acoustic

    Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Transplants) recently performed "East Bay Night" acoustic. Video proof is below. The song originally appeared...

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  12. Interview: Rancid’s Tim Armstrong on his new web series, Tim Timebomb’s Rock ‘N Roll Theater