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All Entries Tagged: Tim Mcilrath

  1. Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath says rebellion in the age of Trump is more important than ever

  2. 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Rise Against

    Tim McIlrath of Rise Against tell us five things we may not have known about the band in...

  3. Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath calls for boycott of SeaWorld

    Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath is a longtime animal rights activist. The singer recently released a PSA with...

  4. Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath, “Civil War” (Guns N’ Roses cover) premiere

  5. Rise Against - The Black Market

  6. Alkaline Trio - My Shame Is True

  7. Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids) added to 2013 Revival Tour lineup

    The Revival Tour have announced that Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor has been added to its 2013 lineup. The...

  8. Watch Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) cover Neil Young

    Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath recently performed a live cover of Neil Young's "Ohio" at a Get...

  9. Op-ed: Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) on rock’s role in homophobia

  10. AP 286 Bonus: Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath on following—or transcending—“the punk-rock rulebook”

  11. Exclusive Video: Tim McIlrath tours his memorabilia closet, with bonus Minor Threat relics

    In this exclusive video, Tim McIlrath takes AP into his memorabilia closet, which contains Rise Against concert posters,...

  12. AP 286 Bonus Excerpt: Tim McIlrath on racism, hate crimes and cultural desensitization