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All Entries Tagged: Wil Francis

  1. William Control reaches beyond the scene with new EP, ‘Revelations’—listen (exclusive)

  2. William Control - The Neuromancer

  3. On The Road Again: William Control on the Fight To Unite Tour

  4. William Control - Silentium Amoris

  5. William Control (Aiden) streams new song, “Kiss Me Judas”

    William Control (Aiden) has launched a stream of a new song, "Kiss Me Judas." It's from his...

  6. More outcry against upcoming Rock Beyond Belief concert featuring Aiden

    As the date for Rock Beyond Belief approaches, more people have spoken out against its purpose and mission...

  7. William Control (Aiden) streams new song, “Romance & Devotion”

    William Control (Aiden) has launched a stream of "Romance & Devotion" from his upcoming self-released solo album ...

  8. William Control (Aiden) to donate a percentage of proceeds from upcoming record to treatment center

    William Control (Aiden) has decided to donate 5 percent of the proceeds from his upcoming record, Silentium Amoris,...

  9. Aiden’s “Hysteria” “celebrates the burning of churches and synagogues” according to blogger

    In a recent post, conservative blogger/radio personality Todd Starnes singled out Aiden's video for "Hysteria," claiming...

  10. Hey Little Sister: William Control of Aiden on Women’s Rights

    Indulge me for a moment: imagine you are lucky enough to have a little sister, niece, wife, or...

  11. Exclusive Stream: Girl On Fire’s “Revenge”

  12. Faggot: An Essay By William Control

    I made a stop at a grocery store the other night to pick up some supplies on my...