The AP Poll

On July 21, we held the first AP Music Awards. It was a night of celebration for the music scene AP has been covering for 29 years. All day, artists and industry folk kept telling us how much an event like this was needed. Each of them said something different, but the message was the same: This scene deserves to be recognized. It was flattering no doubt, but it also got us thinking. We here at AP are entrenched in this scene 24 hours a day—and have been for years. We could talk about the many attributes of the musical genres we cover, the positive impact punk rock, alternative, indie and the like have had and continue to have on youth culture, the sense of community in the scene, etc. But do outsiders feel the same?

Does our music scene get the credit it deserves?

It's the latest AP Poll, and we want to know what you think. Leave us your response and contact info in the form below. Who knows—you might see your name in the November issue of AP!