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This is it. The moment you’ve been yearning for. You’ve waited in line for eight hours, maneuvered your way toward the front of the venue and your favorite band is about to take the stage—when the dude in front of you whips out his I-Phone and blocks half of your view. Later, a fan jumps on stage to take a selfie with the bassist, and you don’t know how long it will be until the band pulls an All American Rejects and smashes someone’s IPad. The problem with personal technology at a concert may be that it doesn’t remain very personal, and recent debates over stage selfies, concert videos and banned selfie sticks only prove the point. So, are we too busy attempting to document personal experiences to actually experience them? We've all seen those shaky, blurry, muffled videos on YouTube, or those pixilated crowd/stage-selfies. Is personal technology ruining the concert experience? Or is it simply another, acceptable aspect of concert-going, one that allows fans to experience performances in more dynamic ways?

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