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The message came quickly and was straight to the point: "Dear Gaslight fans, We thought this pre-show package thing was going to be something you might like. Clearly, many of you feel differently. So we hear you and it is gone and discontinued. The people have spoken."

At 11 a.m. on Aug. 15, the Gaslight Anthem announced a pre-show package for all of their upcoming North American and European fall tour dates. "For quite a long time, we have been looking for a way to best provide more fun and deep experiences when attending a Gaslight show," the band said in a Facebook post announcing the package. "In doing this, we want to show our appreciation to our fans and put together a really special unique experience. We’ve designed a new Soundcheck private performance to include in this package, and every night will be playing rare songs you will hear ONLY at this Soundcheck, and you will then receive a download link of the songs you hear at the Soundcheck performance! For more info click below."

By 2 p.m. that same day, the band had discontinued the package after a surprisingly vocal outcry from fans. Some were angered by the $125 price tag ($125). Others were mad because they thought the band were more concerned with making money than music, deeming Gaslight sellouts. Although the heated debate surrounding the Gaslight Anthem has subsided, it won't be the last one, because so many more bands, everyone from Sleeping With Sirens to Circa Survive, are adding VIP tour packages. While others have received backlash, the Gaslight Anthem appear to be the first band to cancel a VIP package due to pressure from fans. While some fans look at VIP tour packages as an added bonus on top of seeing their favorite band live, others view them as quick cash grabs that exclude fans who may not have the funds to purchase them. 

Should bands offer VIP tour packages to fans?

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