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[Photos by: Hayley Williams/Lindsey Byrnes, Poppy/YouTube, Bring Me The Horizon/ Paul Harries, All Time Low/ Jimmy Fontaine]

10 artists we need to see play ‘Saturday Night Live’

Many scene favorites have gone through the Saturday Night Live gauntlet, including Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and twenty one pilots. This season, Jack White took over for one of the musical guests when country artist Morgan Wallen didn’t follow the show’s COVID-19 restrictions and was prohibited from performing in the studio.

Some artists consider a set on SNL as the hallmark of “making it” in the industry. Some musical guests even get put into a sketch, such as Dave Grohl and Arcade Fire.

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Many scene artists would and should still have the opportunity to appear in front of the masses on this larger-than-life comedy show. It’s one of the few relatively safe venues for major artists to perform at during this time.

Here are 10 deserving alternative and metal acts we hope to one day see grace the Saturday Night Live stage and maybe even make a cameo in a Pete Davidson sketch.


There’s a reason why Poppy is on our October cover. She always delivers a supersonic and out-of-this-world performance that is never hindered by the restraints of one genre. She has amazing messages to share with listeners as well, such as misogyny in the music industry, dealing with emotional insecurities and more. Why not give her a huge platform to share her amazing art even further? Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she has some comedy experience of her own.

Hayley Williams

It may come as a shock that Paramore never made it to the Saturday Night Live stage, even after all of their radio singles became worldwide hits. Twitter and Facebook accounts have even been created to try to get Paramore booked on the sketch show where Kristen Stewart recently channeled Hayley Williams’ Riot! era look. Though they missed their opportunity to have the whole band on to perform “Rose-Colored Boy” or “That’s What You Get,” Hayley Williams’ solo career is just taking off. Her most recent album, Petals For Armor, has the perfect tracks for all audiences, including the undeniably catchy “Dead Horse” and “Simmer.”


One thing is for sure: The Grammy-nominated FEVER 333 will always put on a high-energy show. Their explosive energy draws in longtime fans and new listeners alike. Who knows? Lead singer Jason Aalon Butler may even try to climb up the rigging on the side of the stage as he has done at many music festivals. Plus, the band have amazing messages to share with fans in regard to police brutality and racial inequality in America, which is necessary to share in these divisive times. The fight for Black Lives Matter is far from over.


iDKHOW are certainly an accomplished duo, comprising Ryan Seaman and Dallon Weekes. Bursting at the seams with talent, these two command any stage they’re on, and Weekes is sure to make fans laugh with his trademark dry sense of humor. If this band get on Saturday Night Live, that’ll be one hell of a “Social Climb.”

All Time Low

If All Time Low appeared on Saturday Night Live and performed their No. 1 rock hit “Monsters,” they may even bring blackbear along for the ride. ATL have a long rock and punk discography, with many hits to choose from. Their latest album, Wake Up, Sunshine, certainly doesn’t disappoint, and there are so many things we would do to see them on that iconic stage.


Slipknot have appeared on both Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live! throughout their career, but these rock legends have never been on this particular stage. The teens who stay up past their bedtime on Saturdays may just find their new favorite band if metal becomes more commonplace in late-night music slots.

Bring Me The Horizon/YUNGBLUD

Bring Me The Horizon and YUNGBLUD prove to be an unstoppable combined force in their new single, “Obey.” These two would put on great performances as a duo and as individual acts. Even after midnight in New York City, they would bring the house down and wake up any sleepy viewers.

Machine Gun Kelly

Our dream of seeing Machine Gun Kelly make his Saturday Night Live debut almost came true when the show needed to replace Wallen, who broke COVID-19 protocols. Though we don’t know the details behind it, MGK tweeted about how “it almost happened.” Hopefully, this chart-topping, Cleveland-born rapper can make his debut one day. He may even make a short appearance with his real-life BFF Pete Davidson who has given him plenty of shoutouts on the show already.

Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs has performed on several late-night talk shows, from James Corden to Jimmy Kimmel. In fact, she made her TV debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Graduating to Saturday Night Live is the next logical step. We would love to see her perform her brand-new single “HIGHER” as SNL‘s musical guest.


The Parx boys are a dynamic trio who would definitely make an impression on Saturday Night Live‘s wide-ranging audience. Their upbeat energy and catchy pop-punk tunes would capture the hearts of children and parents alike. Waterparks recently released their new single “Lowkey As Hell” and certainly have more great songs on the way.

Who would you love to see as a Saturday Night Live musical guest? Sound off in the comments below!