Everybody has an opinion about reunions and comebacks. Some people think you should make three albums tops then GTFO as fast as possible. Others think you just need to play some shows to prove that you can still bring it. Determining this list of 10 bands who released incredible comeback albums was a breeze, really. We didn’t limit ourselves to eras, genres or who just got their tour cancelled. We just remembered how we felt when we heard what they came back at us with.

That’s why our comeback albums list was based solely on the stuff coming out of the speakers. We didn’t care that a flagship metal band from the ’60s was going to rub pixels against some 21st century metalcore prospect. Alt-rock titans from various decades sharing the same playlist? It genuinely makes sense. Why? Because the generational time lapse lets you hear a genre-specific band from the ’90s against one from last year. They’re both considered “alternative,” but the bands chose to write their own definitions, sonic or otherwise.

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If anything, this comeback albums list represents a bevy of artists who earned the accolades and made good on their promises. Fans always project their trip on the bands they love. How many comment threads on social media platforms have you seen demanding a band to remake their first album, verbatim? What about the people who complain about a band when they do exactly that?

There are a lot of comeback albums whose time to make them would’ve been better served by brief tours or at the very least, poker nights at the bassist’s house. Those records aren’t on here. We hope you like what we came up with.