How many bands do you stan for that have hit it out of the park on their first album? It's a rhetorical question, don't answer it. Because that's why we've created this video for 10 bands whose debut albums remain iconic to this day.

There is an often-quoted truism that all bands find themselves frustrated by. It's the concept that you can draw from the earliest memories of your life to create your debut album. And then you've got a year, maybe two at best for the second one. But if we could play devil's advocate for a moment, maybe you said everything you needed to on your first artistic statement. But that's not up to you. It's the realm of spent calendars and succeeding generations of listeners to stamp things iconic.

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We're representing punk, metal, hip hop, hardcore, pop punk and more. If there are genres represented you can't patently stand, the records cited here may change your mind. We bet there are a few that will make you want to fight us. But these debut albums from across the board have stood the test of time. One thing people don't realize is that across this great land, Appetite For Destruction still sells a couple thousand physical copies every week. Some of these records are so great, they've even survived the internet. Sometimes a hating troll and a compressed MP3 simply can't sway you.

We know that the term "new music" is indeed a matter of context. We hope this list will make you want to fire up Spotify or flip through the bins of whatever record store you haunt. Just keep in mind one thing: If you've never heard it, well, it's certainly new for you.