My Chemical Romance stans know that AltPress was the first American music magazine to put the band on the cover. That was 16 years ago and we're still stoked. If you're like us and have been binging MCR's output at varying degrees these past few weeks, we've got a list for you. We hope this selection of 10 killer My Chemical Romance deep cuts will continue to power you through your days until their tour.

Everybody knows all the genuine anthems My Chemical Romance have put out into pop culture. We consider this list to be our points of "contender" status. These are the tracks that we think further defines MCR's canon. They deliver sonic thrills while banging your ribcage open and clutching your heart. Legacy rock bands know how to thrill, kill and fulfill our souls. This is precisely why legions of fans love My Chemical Romance.

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Our list is filled with tracks that support the My Chemical Romance legacy. There are crucial transitions from their early indie heat-blasts. Left turns? We've got 'em. The formula was perfected with mission statements included in every following release. MCR articulated personal conviction and rock history with measured doses of bravado. In a "scene" where everybody was held to a median existence, there's simply no room for super-achievers. Concepts of black parades, killjoys, Draculoids and demolition lovers were just too majestic for a Warped Tour side stage. That classic Gerard Way quote still resonates. "We didn't come here to be average."

We know you will like our video of 10 killer My Chemical Romance deep cuts. That's not us being arrogant. All you have to do is make the playlist, charge your device and grab the keys to your psychic Ferrari. Take it anywhere you want to. Just make sure MCR is on the stereo.

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