Show us a lonely or hormonal teenager who didn't have a Myspace page. There's no "and we'll show you..." predicate to that sentence. Because we're convinced that nearly everybody coming of age in the early part of the century staked their swoop-haired claim into that digital landmass. Starting in 2003 as the pre-eminent social media platform, Myspace was key in developing both artists' careers and unrequited crushes between members of the worldwide community we call "the scene."

Myspace became the digital headquarters for all things scene, while Warped Tour was the place where many of those characters flourished in real life. In our list of songs every scene kid plastered on their Myspace page, there are superstar bona fides and acts that evaporated faster than the platform's resonance. How many of these lyrics can you recall from memory simply because they were shared so many times? And really, exactly how heavy was your angst quotient? Were you looking for love? Or did you really want someone to show off your sweet mix-disc skills in front of? We bet you deleted a ton of embarrassing selfies. The bad news is that your frenemies still kept them.

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You know what's true? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Myspace still exists, though it doesn't have that cultural cachet it once had. But then again, that culture feels extinct. Consider that one of Myspace's biggest personalities didn't make bank through his music. (He's still on our list, though.) Sure, scene kids still exist, they just changed the look. Today it's dudes with beards, crying into their White Claw over a girl they met at a Wonder Years gig. Those were different times. But who cares: Who's in your Top 8?