If you think you love Taco Bell more than anyone else, you're wrong. There's a bigger fan of the chain, her name is Myrtis Jewel Painter and she's 106 years old.

Before you continue reading, we suggest you grab some tissues, just in case you start crying.

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Painter lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and she turned 106 on Sunday, Nov. 4. And you know where she celebrated it? Precisely, Taco Bell.

The report comes from AZ Family, which notes she stepped into the restaurant, where employees and friends greeted her with claps and cheers.

Plus, the Taco Bell crew decorated the restaurant in honor of Painter. This might be too much for our hearts to handle.

"At 106? And they want to come to Taco Bell? And hang out with me?" the location owner Gleg Gladden tells AZ Family. "It’s just amazing."

According to him, Painter has been a regular for eight years.

“I think Taco Bell is a good place to come to, I really do,” says the 106th year old.

The party was complete with friends and families bringing the birthday girl gifts and, obviously, a lot of Mexican food.

Accordng to one reporter's tweets, the group celebrated the party with tacos and Mexican pizza.


If you aren't crying, it probably means you don't have a heart. Just kidding... kind of.

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