State Champs and Neck Deep embarked on their world tour in early January and are currently wrapping up, and getting ready to come back to the U.S. for the North American leg of the tour. During their travels, their photographers, Josh Halling and Elliott Ingham, took some great pictures of the bands’ adventures.

Check out how State Champs and Neck Deep took advantage of their off days while travelling around the world!


Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow plays a Japanese drumming video game


Here, Ben is seen competing with his crew in a Japanese drum game. Just look at that focus.


State Champs hangs out with kangaroos


Look at this group of friends just hanging out with a bunch of kangaroos in Brisbane, Australia. Can a day get any better than this? #SquadGoals


Quarry Jumping



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You can’t tell who actually is jumping from the cliff into the lake below, but it’s probably the most intense picture from Neck Deep and State Champs’ world tour. Let’s be thankful no one got hurt.


State Champ’s Derek Discanio hangs out with a bunch of deer

Because a hang out with kangaroos wasn’t enough for him, Derek from State Champs also hung out with a bunch of deer while in Nagoya, Japan. Here he’s seen feeding them a cracker.


State Champs and Neck Deep build a sandcastle

Who exactly is buried under there? Not sure. But this is probably the most adorable picture of the two bands in the history of the world ever as they enjoyed some fun in the sun during another day off.


State Champs and Neck Deep pose in front of Mount Fuji

The two bands gathered for a photo in front of the serene landscape in Osaka, Japan. Just look at the natural beauty.


State Champs go to a Japanese temple

Here, State Champs are seen in front of a Nagoya, Japan temple. Bassist Ryan Scott Graham apparently forgot a pair of gloves.


State Champs and Neck Deep spend a day at the beach


another from yesterday's day off. // @neckdeepuk

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This picture of the beach Neck Deep and State Champs visited looks like some kind of heaven. Instagram gold.


Neck Deep perform for glowing crowd in Glasgow, Great Britain


seriously, thank you. ��: @joshuahalling

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It might be a totally '70s thing to do, but waving around lighters—well now it's cellphones—is still a pretty sight at a concert. 


State Champs play a packed show in London


State Champs and Neck Deep got to celebrate in London with a huge crowd, before heading back to the U.S. Welcome back guys! For ticket information regarding the North American leg of the World Tour go here

Photos by Elliot Ingham and Joshua Halling.