Once upon a time, AOL Instant Messenger was everything. Your profile picture, username, font and away messages were the best way to express yourself. (Because, like, no one could truly understand you.) Now, however, with the age of smartphones upon us, we no longer need away messages, as much as we’d love to invent them for texting. But in memoriam of all those great quotes from the Used and Hawthorne Heights that once graced our computer screens when our parents made us go downstairs for dinner, here are 10 songs that could have been your best away message if AIM was still relevant today.

"Well I'm about to spend my cold life/cutting corners placing blame/Any moment this could catch fire/erasing all the stains." (Emarosa, "A Toast To The Future Kids")

Who didn't love Jonny Craig-era Emarosa? It's like we all could feel his life struggle in his lyrics and soulful voice, therefore making his lyrics perfect for those throwback emo away messages.

"I am aware that I am an asshole." (Falling In Reverse, "Just Like You")

Ronnie Radke is the poster child of snarky lyrical content, which would have given your AIM message all the feistiness you wanted to convey if you were having a bad day. #TeenAngst

"We will never sleep 'cause sleep is for the weak/no we will never rest 'til we're all fucking dead." (Bring Me The Horizon, "Diamonds Aren't Forever")

For all of those who pulled online all-nighters re-doing your Myspace Top 8, these lyrics are for you.

"Don't let the world rot." (Northlane, "Rot")

We all had that one environmentalist, totally edgy, friend; they probably grew up to like Northlane anyways.

"Post that pic with a hashtag/You wanna get mentioned because you need the attention/And you can repost this 'cause I don't give a shit/No matter what they say, we know you'll follow it." (Stray From The Path, "Counting Sheep")

Criticizing social media through social media—so meta.

"I never thought it'd be like this/It's 3 a.m. and I can't sleep." (Chiodos, "3 AM")

Back in the day you probably had a plethora of Chiodos-inspired away messages, so adding another cryptic line from Craig Owens to the list is just a straight no brainer.

"I can't buy into just a prophet dressed like a poet" (Get Scared, "R.I.P.")

You're not entirely sure what this means, but you love Get Scared and it sounds philosophical, so why not?

"I reserve my right to feel uncomfortable/I reserve my right to be afraid." (A Day To Remember, "Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail")

Literally everyone made this quote a caption to an Instagram post or Facebook status at some point after Common Courtesy came out. This would have been the king of away message back in the day.

"I.H.E." (Miss May I, "I.H.E.")

I.H.E. stands for both "I hate everything" and "I hate everyone" according to Miss May I, but you wouldn't explain that. Only your friends who were ~true~ Miss May I fans would pick up on it.

"I wanna fall and never once look back."  (Palisades, "Fall")

What a giddy, romantic song Palisades released. Of course this would have been your secret message to your crush when he or she finally started messaging you back.