From simple to surreal, tattoos are more popular than ever in 2016. You can’t walk down the street without spotting some serious ink. Tattoos are as unique as the people who wear them, but we’ve gathered some of the most popular styles to make their mark this year.

1. Minimalist

Popular Artist: Hector Daniels; New York City

A favorite among supermodels and “it” girls, this trend is both fashionable and affordable. These tattoos generally consist of simple black line work with little to no additional detail. From shapes to elegant script, minimalist tattoos are perfect for tattoo hopefuls who are afraid of major commitment.

2. Watercolor


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Popular Artist: Georgia Grey; New York City

These colorful tattoos have made a big splash in 2016. Watercolor tattoos are characterized by their lack of line work, which gives the illusion that they are painted onto the skin. Watercolor tattoos are notoriously difficult for artists to execute—but when it is done well, the effect is amazing.

3. Friday the 13th


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Popular Artist: Paul Nemchausky; Oak Forest, Illinois

While most view Friday the 13th as an unlucky day, tattoo lovers everywhere rejoice for this trend. Each Friday the 13th, tattoo shops everywhere offer up fun themed tattoos for the low price of $13. The tattoos often incorporate the number 13 and are a fun new tradition on this notoriously bad day.

4. Stick and Poke


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Popular Artist: Tea Leigh; Brooklyn, New York

Stick and poke tattoos have evolved from something you do in your mom’s basement with a sewing needle to a full-on fashion trend. These tattoos are done completely by hand, one dot of ink at a time. Designs are usually simple but elegant.

5. Finger


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Popular Artist: Popo Tattoo; Seoul, South Korea

Finger tattoos are all the rage among people who want discreet ink. One-word phrases on the inside of the finger are popular, as well as simple shapes on the knuckles that mimic the appearance of jewelry. Who needs rings when you have a more permanent accessory?