AltPress has teamed up with 10 Years to premiere their music video for "Miscellanea," an explosive single culled from the Knoxville modern rockers' forthcoming record. From Birth To Burial marks their seventh studio album (and second issued through the band’s own Palehorse imprint), and is set to release on April 21, 2015.

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Vocalist Jesse Hasek gave AP the lowdown on the bare bones live setting:

We are a live band.  We pride ourselves on that.  With videos in the past we've tried to mix in a story line along with performance shots and we felt that, usually, it just didn't work right.  The story would get confused and the energy of our live performance would get lost as well.  With "Miscellanea," We decided to make a video that was strictly performance in order to showcase the energy that we have live.  We've made big budget, major label video's before and on this one we made a conscience effort to take control and keep it very DIY.  I built the slatted walls that you see in the background from old pallets that I picked up.  We did it in the basement of The International, which is our hometown venue that we have always had a close relationship with.  It was nice to film it at home, with the help of friends.  It felt very honest and was a rewarding experience.  We can't wait for everyone to see it.