We love bands and we also love dogs. So, what could be better than interviews and concerts that turned the cuteness level up to 11 with the addition of puppies? The answer is nothing, and the faces on these artists prove it.

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If you're feeling a little sad and need a smile we suggest watching every video below and we guarantee your mood will elevate.

When you're finished, let us know in the comments which video was the cutest.

State Champs singing with puppies—we wouldn't mind the extra two band members.

Chris Motionless getting help with his APTV interview—we'd act just as excited around him, too.

Danny Worsnop's dog helping him choose a fan question.

Sleeping With Sirens hanging with their dog—don't you just want to cuddle them? We mean him...the dog.

Pierce The Veil gets distracted by puppies mid-interview—it would be the best day of our life too, Vic.