Feeling angry? Sometimes an intense, raging jam is just the ticket when you're absolutely infuriated. Obviously, metal gets high marks for irked intensity, but any genre can spawn a livid masterpiece.

What do you listen to when you're angry?

Pantera - "Fucking Hostile"

Ready to headbang that anger away? Exorcise your exasperation with this clobbering censure of conventional ideals. Get hostile!

All Pigs Must Die - "God Is War"

It's easy to get angry when zeroing in on humanity's fixation with destruction. What truly holds the power of our existence? "Man is born/Along with war/Ultimate master/Of the ultimate trade."

Emmure - "Flag Of The Beast"

This is the perfect banger for deflecting other people's jealousy and resentment. "Hate me if it makes you feel better." Who cares what they think, anyway?

Black Flag - "Nothing Left Inside"

For when you're so drained, damaged and distraught that there's nothing left to do but scream and moan your discontent. "Pain hurts my heart!"

Interpol - "Mammoth"

Fed up with your significant other? Tired of the excuses? Ready to send them packing? "Spare me the suspense."

Rage Against The Machine - "Bullet In The Head"

The anger really runs the gamut on this one. (How could you expect any less from Rage?) An astounding audio assault on injustice.

Bob Dylan - "Masters Of War"

This is a classic, indignant folk song for those frustrated with a seemingly endless parade of warmongering. "You fasten the triggers/for the others to fire/then you set back and watch/when the death count gets higher."

Shellac - "Prayer To God"

Here's the ultimate angry song for an embittered ex. Its dark humor details a heartbreak so oppressive that the narrator literally prays for the demise of his former lover and their current bedfellow. Amen.

Lamb Of God - "Redneck"

Had enough of ignorance? Soundtrack the constant onslaught of narrow-mindedness with this brutal jam. "This is a motherfucking invitation!"

Nine Inch Nails - "Somewhat Damaged"

One of the more interesting tunes ever written about just totally giving up. "So impressed with all you do/Tried so hard to be like you/Flew too high and burnt the wing/Lost my faith in everything."

Eminem - "Kill You"

An extremely controversial tune upon release, the song title really says it all here. An explosive rant on family, friends, lovers, other performers...pretty much anyone and everyone.