So the other day, I had to Google "Vic Fuentes." Standard. Your everyday Vic check-in. But not that fateful day. Normalcy fell to the wayside when we were greeted not with "Vic fuentes age" or "vic fuentes married" but with "VIC FUENTES IS MY DAD FANFIC" as a suggested search. 

I stepped away, thought that was enough internet for the day/life, then sat back down and went down the rabbithole of frequent Google searches for musicians, the most ridiculous, funny and puzzling of which I've compiled here for your enjoyment.

Andy Biersack is jesus

Andy Biersack is Jesus

As the Killers might say, "He doesn't look a thing like Jesus."


Vic Fuentes is my dad FANFIC?! 

Vic Fuentes is my dad fanfic



Where is Jesse Lacey? 

Where is Jesse Lacey

The answer to this question we've also frequently pondered is, by the way, "T H E  V O I D"


Jared Leto is Katy Perry with a beard

Jared Leto is Katy Perry with a beard

We actually searched the photos to try to verify this claim. We remain unconvinced.


Chris Motionless does not approve

Chris Motionless does not approve

Try this search for all your MIW stankface reaction photo needs.


Gerard Way is a Timelord

Gerard Way is a timelord

This is an actual fact.


Kellin Quinn is that good

Kellin Quinn is that good

It could mean so many things. Like, how good is he, internet? So good that you don't need something vital like oxygen, or-? 



Pete Wentz is the only reason



Ronnie Radke is a cool music man

Ronnie Radke is a cool music man

This is probably the nicest thing I've ever read about Ronnie Radke. 


Sonny Moore is dead. No, he's really dead.

Sonny Moore is really dead.

"Dead" doesn't begin to cover the level of dead Google thinks Sonny could be.


Trent Reznor is Snape

Trent Reznor is Snape

Totally possible.