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I See Stars frontman Devin Oliver sent the internet into a frenzy when he captioned a photo as being on the set of season seven of Game Of Thrones. Whether he’s actually portraying a character in the upcoming season or it’s just an upcoming I See Stars music video, Oliver does have some qualities that would make a venture into Hollywood less than surprising.
People actually believed his Game Of Thrones caption

I may or may not have made an appearance in Game Of Thrones season 7 �� �� @leaborama

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The ability to sell that must mean he has some sort of acting potential. Plus, if it’s on the internet, then it must be true.

He has an appreciation for the classics

"All up in my business all up in my business" -Grind // aka my favorite movie growing up

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Such as the Adam Brody/Mike Vogel-led skateboard comedy Grind, circa 2003.

He already hangs out with famous people

I met the most famous dog in the world today @marniethedog #wemadeitguys

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You know, like Marnie the Dog.

He’s not afraid to take risks

Whether that’s jumping into a pool at the Vegas stop of Warped Tour or riding an inflatable raft across the crowd, he certainly doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

He already knows how to fend off the paparazzi

Paparazzi always up Danny's ass. ����

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And protect his friends in the process.

He’s willing to go through a transformation

Like from dark brown locks to long and blond.

He could double as a model

® 30 stories up :: Devin featured in our rose 'drop' hood and wine '002' joggers.

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Striking a pose for ad campaigns is something actors often do.

He already likes LA

✌��️ LA. You were very kind these past 6 weeks

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Which is a necessity when pursuing a career in acting.

He’s already been to Coachella

#ClintEastwood #coachella2015

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The California festival often generates more buzz for what its Hollywood clientele are wearing than its sick lineup.

He’s used to red carpets for movies

He walked one for Sumerian Films’ What Now, which features Jeffree Star, Ice-T and members of Asking Alexandria, as well as I See Stars on the soundtrack.

Approaching the red carpet with my crew #APMAS #squadgoals

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And the APMAs...

He’s a fan of Entourage

Ari gold. #lifetimehero

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It’s obviously only a matter of time until he becomes a real-life Vincent Chase with his very own Ari Gold.