Everyone loves to see a cute moment with a mom onstage, and our favorite musicians are no exception. For most of us, an ode to mom or dad probably meant gifting them a birdhouse that looked like it was haphazardly reassembled from a wood chipper. Whether it’s a special performance with a daughter or an emotional song lamenting the loss of a loved one, we’ve compiled 11 moments involving that family love. Take a look at the songs and cameos that pull at your heartstrings.

Good Charlotte - “Thank You Mom”

Good Charlotte themselves encapsulate the family dynamic, with Joel and Benji Madden being well-established front members of the band. This ode to the Madden twins’ mother existed as a secret track on their 2000 debut album, Good Charlotte. Due to their father not being present while growing up, the brothers included lyrics like “You were my mom, you were my dad/the only thing I ever had was you, it's true.” The song stands as a testament to how much family can really matter in the long run.

Frank Iero And The Patience - “9-6-15”

Former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero produced an emotional testament to his grandfather after his death in 2015, hence the song title “9-6-15.” Iero released the song in his other group, Frank Iero And The Patience, on the 2016 album Parachutes. Iero’s guitar and raw vocals reveal his own grieving before our eyes. “It was, without a doubt, the worst day of my life,” Iero said in AP issue 341. “My grandfather was the greatest person I ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I miss him terribly. I knew this song was the cornerstone of the record.”

As It Is - “Hey Rachel”

In As It Is’ latest album okay., frontman Patty Walters decided to take a more personal approach in writing the songs, and “Hey Rachel” focuses on his regrets in not addressing his sister’s depression during a rough time in her life. “I’ve never apologized to my sister in the way that I have through this song,” Walters said in AP 342. “These lyrics were my way of finally apologizing and saying all things that’ve been unsaid for years.”

You Me At Six - “Always Attract”

Though you might still be listening (or re-listening) through You Me At Six’s latest album Night People, their 2009 album Take Off Your Colours gave way to a beautiful duet when performed live to lucky audiences. Frontman Josh Franceschi would invite his sister, Elissa Franceschi, to perform with him during “Always Attract,” blending two beautiful voices together for a heartwarming experience.

The Academy Is… - William Beckett and daughter Evie sing in video duet called “Genevieve And Daddio”

The Academy Is… may be no more, but the cuteness overload between singer William Beckett and his daughter Evie will never leave our hearts. In this video session, Beckett performs in perhaps the most adorable duet ever, in a song called “Genevieve And Daddio” (or “DaddiooooOOOOO,” according to Evie). This is an extra track you won’t want to miss.

Eisley - “Louder Than A Lion”

Indie rock group Eisley started out entirely as a clan of DuPrees. Now with frontwoman Sherri DuPree-Bemis and bassist Garron DuPree remaining, the group are still going strong with their most recent album, I’m Only Dreaming. With two daughters of her own, DuPree-Bemis wrote “Louder Than A Lion” to describe how she feels protecting them, she told us back in February when discussing the production and inspiration behind the album.

Moose Blood - “Chin Up”

Emo band Moose Blood gave off perhaps one of their saddest songs in their 2014 album, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time. “Chin Up” reveals the story of frontman Eddy Brewerton’s father and his passing. With lyrics reflecting on regret and treasuring memories, you may need a couple of tissues even with the upbeat sound.

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - “Cecilia And The Satellite”

You may have heard this song playing just about everywhere at one point. Even if you (somehow) haven’t, it’s a heartfelt song toward Andrew McMahon’s daughter Cecilia about the best thing in his life being her. The lyrics “Don't be afraid, Cecilia/I'm the satellite/And you're the sky,” show every parent’s desire to protect their children, and this ballad is no exception.

System Divide - “Hollow”

On their 2010 album The Conscious Sedation, System Divide frontwoman Miri Milman sings about standing up to fear in “Hollow,” revealing a deeper meaning she explained to AP a few years back. “In this song, I wish for my mom to be more brave, change her life and be released from all the fears that sedate her,” Milman says. The song is an emotional ode to bravery and the occasional time we need to guide our parents.

Slaves - “Those Who Stand For Nothing Fall For Everything”

In a deep and emotional message from Slaves in their 2014 album Through Art We Are All Equals, singer Jonny Craig told us a while back how the track “Those Who Stand For Nothing Fall For Everything” was meant for his grandmother. Listening in on the intense song, you can hear the lyrics about her watching over him.

My Chemical Romance - “Helena”

Yes, this may have been your emo kid anthem growing up, but did you know it has ties to family? That’s right, “Helena” is partially in honor of vocalist Gerard Way and bassist Mikey Way’s late grandmother, Elena. The lyrics, though already mournful, take on a deeper meaning when you know the story behind them.