Before we were listening to the pop punk and metalcore of today’s world, we were blasting those early to-mid ‘00s alternative jams as loud as our parents would allow. Take a look back at 10 records that rock just as hard now as they did when we first heard them.


Breaking Benjamin - Phobia

Good to see this band back at it again. Phobia made 2006 a better time.


Chevelle - Wonder What's Next

The lead riff in "The Red" is probably heavier than most of what you listen to today.


Trapt - Headstrong

You know every word to this song.


Skillet - Collide

Skillet's youthful heaviness is what separates Collide from the rest of their extensive discography. Its mix is raw and heavy—just listen to the opening riff in "Savior."


Jet Black Stare - In This Life

One album wonders. It makes my heart happy knowing this video has over 1 million views.