For many of us, Hot Topic is our go-to place for band merchandise. Over the years, we’ve spent hours staring at seemingly endless wall displays, desperately hoping to find a certain shirt we can’t go another day without. We’ve compiled a list of shirts that were must-haves for every scenester in the late ‘00s. Let us know which shirt(s) you risked life and limb for in the comments below.


Thanks to always-incredible Iwrestledabearonce, metal just got gay


Attack Attack!'s bird poop shirt was once a common sight at Warped Tour


Blessthefall's curse words shirt was a must-have


Sky Eats Airplane killed the shirt game with this gem



There's something incredibly relaxing about this Dance Gavin Dance shirt



Another Warped Tour favorite


This is probably how an actual All Time Low party would look


Dare to be D.R.U.G.S. free


Paramore's Riot! shirt will forever be a classic


"Keep running your mouth!" 


Reptar will always be King Of The Ozone


There are no words needed