As far as brootal cover songs go, hip-hop ones tend to take a backseat to their poppy counterparts. (There have been five Punk Goes Pop compilations and only one Punk Goes Crunk.) For metalcore bands, hip-hop covers are far from easy to pull off, but when the speed and intricacies of both genres fuse, the result can often be irresistibly catchy—thumping with the best bass of both worlds. The genres, after all, are quite similar in structure, typically with more aggressively technical verses contrasted by a melodic singing chorus. Here are 12 hip-hop covers that metalcore’s finest got right.

12. A Plea For Purging – “Big Poppa” (Notorious B.I.G. cover)

11. Throwdown – “Baby Got Back” (Sir Mix-A-Lot cover)

10. A Skylit Drive – “Love The Way You Lie” (Eminem cover)


9. Miss May I – “Run This Town” (Jay-Z cover)

8. Secrets – “Ass Back Home” (Gym Class Heroes cover)

7. Crown The Empire – “Forever” (Drake cover)