Tattoos are common in the scene, and some designs stand out more than others. While sometimes tattoos have a good story behind them, other times, they’re chosen because they look pretty cool. And none look cooler than these.Here are 13 iconic tattoos and the musical icons who got them:

1. Trace Cyrus: Geronimo portrait

Metro Station frontman Trace Cyrus is almost completely covered in tattoos, but the largest one is the portrait of Apache chief Geronimo taking up the majority of his back.

2. Chris Motionless: “Halloween”

Motionless In White’s CEO got the word “Halloween” tattooed onto his hand as a representation of his personality.

3. Kirk Hammett: Belly tattoo

The lead guitarist of Metallica got a belly tattoo that reads “Made in SF 11-18-62” in a half-circle around his belly button.

4. Machine Gun Kelly: Anarchy symbol


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MGK has a large anarchy symbol tattooed on his stomach. It’s meant to show off his political beliefs.

5. Travis Barker: Family portrait

It’s hard to pick just one tattoo on Barker, but this one’s a highlight. Taking up the majority of his back, Barker has a huge family portrait of his parents and children.

6. Benji Madden: Head tattoo


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This Madden brother debuted a tattoo that took up the majority of his head. The geometric design features a skull in the center of it.

7. John O’Callaghan: Song lyrics


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Frontman O’Callaghan made an interesting move by putting the Maine song lyrics across his chest. The lines he chose are: "We all have been degraded/We all will be the greatest," from the song “We'll All Be.”

8. Buddy Nielsen: “DON’T CARE” Knuckle tats


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Nielsen, the vocalist of Senses Fail, has some epic knuckle tattoos that spell out the phrase “DON’T CARE” between both of his hands.

9. Tony Perry: Owl



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Pierce The Veil’s guitarist has an owl tattoo takes up his entire neck and was drawn by one of his favorite artists Tyler Densley, according to an interview with iHeartRadio.

10. Marilyn Manson: Arm tattoos



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Manson has two tattoos on each of his forearms; on one of his arms, it’s a skull and a tree, and on the other, it’s a figure called Uncle Creepy with cobwebs.

11. Jeffree Star: Kurt Cobain portrait


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Jeffree Star has a Jesus-like portrait of the Nirvana frontman in the middle of the chest, with the phrase “Rape me” on a banner underneath.

12. Andy Biersack: Batman symbol

If the Black Veil Brides frontman’s love of Batman wasn’t already obvious from all of his Batman clothing, the tattoo on his arm makes it abundantly clear.