Music is art. Duh. But plenty of musicians are a double threat; on top of their musical achievements, they are also accomplished visual artists.

Whether it’s illustration, painting, doodling or comic book drawing, these 12 musicians have some serious artistic talent.

1. Ninja

Ninja’s artwork can be seen all through the background of Die Antwoord’s “Enter The Ninja” music video. It’s pretty distinctive of the hip-hop duo’s colorful vibes.

2. Fil Thorpe-Evans

The Neck Deep bassist does a ton of illustrations for the band, and also sells his work on his own online store.

3. Marilyn Manson


Is that such a crime?

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Manson’s big on watercolor paints, and he regularly posts his work to his Instagram account.

4. John Gourley



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The lead singer of Portugal. The Man creates artwork that regularly appears on the band’s album covers—and it’s pretty strange.

5. Kim Gordon


Stevie nicks #newyorker

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Since Donald Trump’s presidential win, Gordon’s been spending some time making gritty, artistic protest signs. Further back, you can see some of her other creative work, like this portrait, on her Instagram account.

6. Luke Lalonde


shirt design by me �� a backstage drawing i did ✍�� on tour sooooon ���� come get it ��

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Much of Lalonde’s work revolves around his band, Born Ruffians, and this example of a T-shirt design he made is no exception.

7. Sherri DuPree Bemis

Much of DuPree Bemis’ illustration work is seen on band merchandise for her band, Eisley.

8. Matt Skiba

Skiba has had his art on display at different galleries. Usually his paintings portray punk and dark themes.

9. Andy Biersack

Biersack’s got some talent, even when it’s just a quick drawing. Watch him masterfully doodle a drawing of Batman in this interview.

10. Martin Gore

Gore, a founder of Depeche Mode, is also an active painter, often creating works for charity.

11. Gerard Way

The former My Chemical Romance frontman is also an accomplished comic book artist and writer. He drew concept art and variant covers for his series The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys and The Umbrella Academy, along with other credits.

12. Billy Martin

Billy Martin, Good Charlotte guitarist, has created Marvel comic book covers, Grumpy Cat illustrations and children's books drawings.

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