We asked Pat Wilson, drummer of alt-rock titans Weezer (who just so happen to be on the cover of this month's AP, hint-hint) to pick his favorite songs of the moment. He happily obliged, giving us all just a little bit of insight to what makes him tick—and if the Van Halen song was a surprise to you, you obviously aren't a Maladroit fan.

1. Beach House, “Myth”

PAT SEZ: “Oh so dreamy and musical!”


2. The XX, “Sunset”

PAT SEZ: “Sparse and intimate!”


3. Bear Hands, “Giants”

PAT SEZ: “Me and my girl’s tune.”


4. Cayucas, “High School Lover”

PAT SEZ: “It’s the groove, man! The groove.”


5. Phantogram, “Fall In Love”

PAT SEZ: “Portishead from the future.”


6. Waters, “Got To My Head”

PAT SEZ: “I know these old boys!”


7. Vampire Weekend, “Unbelievers”

PAT SEZ: “Another song in the fine tradition of religious doubt.”


8. Van Halen, “Loss Of Control”

PAT SEZ: “Booze, cocaine, youth and rock talent!”


9. Queens Of The Stone Age, “Avon”

PAT SEZ: “Just so thick and musical.”


10. Talk Talk, "Ascension Day”

PAT SEZ: “Get deep with some speakers and enjoy.”


11. Gary Numan, “I Dream Of Wires”

PAT SEZ: “Wistful robots!”


12. Average White Band, “Pick Up The Pieces”

PAT SEZ: “Back when ‘tight’ meant humans in step, not computers cut to a grid.”