Ebay isn’t just a place you can go to snag a vintage T-shirt or pay three times the price for a vinyl record you missed out on when the first pressing hit the street. It’s also home to some pretty bizarre band-related items, from  listings for stage props or a member’s high school yearbook. Head below for some of the weirdest items currently available on the online auction site.

1. A Bible Marilyn Manson threw into the crowd

This Bible was apparently kissed (on page 666 of course) by the Pale Emperor and APMA Icon Award recipient himself, ripped up and thrown into the crowd at a show in January, and it can all be yours for the right price.

2. Victory Records 2003 promotional music video tape

According to the item’s description, this MiniDV tape consists of music videos for Taking Back Sunday’s “You’re So Last Summer,” Atreyu’s “Lip Gloss And Black” and more, and it was sent out to TV stations in 2003 to get the bands on air. While it may be a little weird to have something like this in a world where YouTube is just a click away, it’s still a cool piece of music history.

3. Hayley Williams’ polo from a Conan O’Brien performance

Paramore rocked Conan O’Brien’s stage with “Still Into You” in December of 2013 while Hayley sported a black latex polo. The band held a charity auction after that where the item was up for grabs, and if you missed out on it the first time around, this person is now reselling it.
4. Fake nails with All Time Low’s faces

This seller offers fake nails with Alex or Jack’s smiling faces airbrushed onto them, and luckily for the indecisive All Time Low fan, there’s an option to get an alternating pair with both.
5. Handbag featuring Chris Motionless

If your boring bag just isn’t cutting it, then this seller offers a purse featuring the Motionless In White frontman, shipped straight from Hong Kong.