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13 of Tool guitarist Adam Jones’ limited-edition Les Pauls were stolen

Last week, Tool guitarist Adam Jones unveiled his first-ever signature Gibson guitar. The limited-edition 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Antique Silverburst is so popular that the entire run is already sold out.

Now, it looks like someone was so desperate to get their hands on the rare instrument that they stole 13 of them.

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Jones’ latest collaboration with Gibson marks his first-ever signature guitar with the company. Last week, Gibson launched two limited-edition versions of the 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst. A super limited aged and signed version retails for $9,999 and only 79 were available in the first run. As well, a VOS version retails for $5,999 and only 179 were available.

Shortly after the guitar’s launch, the entire run sold out. Now it looks like someone(s) was so desperate to get their hands on the instrument, they stole a whole pallet of them. 13 of Jones’ guitars are missing after a pallet was stolen out of a Sweetwater Music truck. Of those 13 guitars, four of them are the version that retails for $9,999. The theft occurred on Oct. 30 at the Flying J Travel Center in Whiteland, Indiana.

Phil Rich, the Sweetwater Chief Supply Chain and Merchandising Officer, shares that the Les Pauls were on a truck when they were stolen.

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“Somehow out of a truck full of guitars, this ONE pallet was singled out and stolen at a truck stop,” Rich says in a press release. “Totaling close to $95,000 in guitars, we feel this person(s) knew exactly what to look for and when.”

Gibson executive Cesar Gueikian is asking everyone to keep an eye out for these stolen guitars. It’s possible the instruments could end up in local pawn shops or on re-sale sites such as Craigslist.

“These guitars were the dream guitars of 13 Gibson and Adam Jones fans, who had been patiently waiting for them to be delivered,” Gueikian says. “We have decided to publish the serial numbers of the 13 stolen guitars. [We] are appealing to all of Gibson’s fans to keep an eye out for them and let us know if they surface. Our fans should ask any third-party sellers for a serial number before purchasing to be sure they are not being sold one of the stolen guitars.”

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The serial numbers for the stolen guitars have been made public and are available to see below. Anyone who has information about the stolen instruments should contact Detective Kenny Polley of the Whiteland Police Department at [email protected] or (317) 535-8100.

The video for Gibson’s latest collaboration with Adam Jones is available to watch below.

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