138 Misfits covers by Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, more

Luke Hemmings sent the punk police into an internet rage when he wore a Misfits shirt during 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Billboard Music Awards performance in 2015. Cee Lo Green had some sort of bedazzled Misfits shirt on during an episode of NBC’s The Voice. The Misfits’ blend of violent punk, ‘50s croon and b-horror movie obsessions has been crossing boundaries for decades. A great number of fans were first exposed to Glenn Danzig and crew’s music and vibe via Metallica, who wore Misfits and Samhain shirts onstage for years and whose late bassist, Cliff Burton, proudly sported a Misfits tattoo on his shoulder. American Nightmare, Hatebreed and Texas Is The Reason (a lyric from “Bullet”) chose their band names from the Misfits catalog. Of course, Metallica eventually covered the Misfits and they certainly aren’t alone. Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides is one of many rockers with Misfits ink on his body and the BVB singer joined one of the more recent Jerry Only-fronted incarnations of the band at the 2014 APMAs for a “Resurrection era” song, as well as some original Misfits classics.

After much scouring of the memory banks and multiple locations online, we present to you this exhaustive list of 138 Misfits covers, including loving tributes from Blink-182, Green Day, AFI, My Chemical Romance and of course, Metallica. All killer, no filler, all fun. 

All 138 of these covers are out there on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, vinyl, cassette—happy hunting, fiends! 
  1. 69 Eyes, “Return Of The Fly”

  2. 88 Fingers Louie, “Night Of The Living Dead”

  3. 108, “Death Comes Ripping”

  4. A Sunny Day In Glasgow, “Hybrid Moments”

  5. AFI, “Last Caress” 


  6. AFI, “Demonomania”

  7. AFI, “Halloween”

  8. AFI, “We Bite”

  9. The Agony Scene, “Devilock”

  10. Aiden, “Die, Die My Darling”

  11. Aiden, “London Dungeon”

  12. Alkaline Trio, “Children In Heat” 


  13. Alkaline Trio, “Halloween”

  14. Amazing Royal Crowns, “American Nightmare”

  15. Ambitions, “Astro Zombies”

  16. Andrew Jackson Jihad, “Hybrid Moments”

  17. The Ataris, “Where Eagles Dare”

  18. Atom And His Package, “Where Eagles Dare”

  19. The Atrocity Exhibit, “Violent World”

  20. Austrian Death Machine, “I Turned Into A Martian”

  21. Backyard Babies, “Teenagers From Mars”

  22. Balzac, “Devil’s Whorehouse”

  23. Bane, “Halloween II”

  24. Bane, “Skulls”

  25. Behemoth, “Devilock”

  26. Blink-182, “Hybrid Moments”

  27. Blink-182, “Skulls”


  28. Blitzkid, “Some Kinda Hate”

  29. Bouncing Souls, “Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?”

  30. Bouncing Souls, “Hybrid Moments”

  31. Bratmobile, “Where Eagles Dare”

  32. Brody Dalle, “Hybrid Moments

  33. Buck-O-Nine, “Teenagers From Mars”

  34. Burning Brides, “Hybrid Moments”

  35. Caliban, “Die, Die My Darling”

  36. Coliseum, “Bullet”

  37. Cradle Of Filth, “Death Comes Ripping”

  38. Cradle Of Filth, “HW2” (“Halloween II”)

  39. Crain, “Teenagers From Mars”

  40. David Pajo, “Where Eagles Dare”

  41. Deadguy, “Horror Business”

  42. Dodsferd, “We Are 138”

  43. Drag The River, “Hybrid Moments”

  44. Dropkick Murphys, “Halloween”


  45. Dum Dum Girls, “Last Caress”

  46. Earth Crisis, “Earth A.D.”

  47. Electric Frankenstein, “Queen Wasp”

  48. Electric Hellfire Club, “Devil’s Whorehouse”

  49. Elf Power, “Hybrid Moments”

  50. Endpoint, “Attitude”

  51. Energy, “Astro Zombies”

  52. Energy, “Attitude”

  53. Energy, “Bullet”

  54. Energy, “We Are 138”

  55. Energy, “Hollywood Babylon”

  56. Energy, “Where Eagles Dare”

  57. Enfold, “We Bite”

  58. Ensign, “Hatebreeders”

  59. Entombed, “Hollywood Babylon”

  60. Falling Forward, “She”

  61. Farside, “Return Of The Fly”

  62. Fireball Ministry, “Cough/Cool”

  63. Foxy Shazam, “Hybrid Moments”

  64. Gallows, “We Bite”

  65. The Gaslight Anthem, “Astro Zombies”

  66. Goldfinger, “Ghouls Night Out”

  67. Green Day, “Hybrid Moments”


  68. Guns N’ Roses, “Attitude”

  69. Hatebreed, “Hatebreeders”

  70. The Hellacopters, “Bullet”

  71. Huntress, “She”

  72. The Icarus Line, “Angelfuck”

  73. Ignite, “Skulls”

  74. Integrity, “Hybrid Moments”

  75. J Church, “Where Eagles Dare”

  76. Jawbreaker, “Skulls”

  77. Jughead’s Revenge, “London Dungeon”

  78. The Lemonheads, “Skulls”

  79. Local H, “Static Age”

  80. Lower Class Brats, “Bullet”

  81. Mad Sin, “London Dungeon”

  82. Marduk, “Earth A.D.”

  83. Mark Kozelek, “Green Hell”

  84. Metal Allegiance, “Last Caress”

  85. Metallica, “Last Caress”

  86. Metallica, “Green Hell”

  87. Metallica, “Die, Die My Darling”


  88. Milk Carton Kids, “Angelfuck”

  89. Molotov, “I Turned Into A Martian”

  90. Monarch, “Die, Die My Darling”

  91. Motionless In White, “Skulls”

  92. Murder By Death, “Some Kind Of Hate”

  93. Murder City Devils, “She”

  94. My Chemical Romance, “Astro Zombies”


  95. My Morning Jacket, “Hollywood Babylon”

  96. Nehmain, “Die, Die My Darling”

  97. No Age, “Hybrid Moments”

  98. No Use For A Name, “Hybrid Moments”

  99. No Use For A Name, “I Turned Into A Martian”

  100. NOFX, “Last Caress”


  101. Orange Goblin, “We Bite”

  102. Pennywise, “Astro Zombies”

  103. Pig Destroyer, “Wolf’s Blood”

  104. Plaid Retina, “Hybrid Moments”

  105. Prong, “London Dungeon”

  106. Refused, “Bullet”

  107. Riot Squad, “Hybrid Moments”

  108. Rise Against, “Astro Zombies”

  109. Rocket From The Crypt, “I Turned Into A Martian”

  110. Rob Zombie, “Horror Business”

  111. Rob Zombie, “Vampira”

  112. Rodan, “Who Killed Marilyn?”

  113. Saves The Day, “Skulls”

  114. Shades Apart, “20 Eyes”

  115. Sick Of It All, “All Hell Breaks Loose”

  116. Sloppy Seconds, “Where Eagles Dare”

  117. The Slackers, “Attitude”

  118. Snapcase, “She”

  119. Sum 41, “Attitude”


  120. Superchunk, “Children In Heat”

  121. Superchunk, “Horror Business”

  122. Superchunk, “Where Eagles Dare”

  123. Tanner, “TV Casualty”

  124. Teenage Time Killers, “Where Eagles Dare”

  125. Therapy?, “Where Eagles Dare”

  126. Threadbare, “Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?”

  127. Throwdown, “London Dungeon”

  128. Tiger Army, “American Nightmare”

  129. Tiger Army, “Horror Hotel”

  130. Title Fight, “Some Kinda Hate”


  131. Tribulation, “Devilock / Death Comes Ripping”

  132. Trivium, “Skulls/We Are 138”

  133. The Unseen, “Halloween”

  134. Volbeat, “Angelfuck”

  135. Wavves, “Hybrid Moments”

  136. Winds Of Plague, “Attitude”

  137. Wolvhammer, “Bloodfeast”

  138. Wolvhammer, “Demonomania”

All 138 of these covers are out there on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, vinyl, cassette—happy hunting, fiends!