Blink-182’s deluxe edition of California drops on May 19 and includes a whopping 11 new tracks. That got us thinking about the B-Sides and bonus cuts released over the years that we love just as much as the “proper” songs. Here are 13 of our favorites:

A Day To Remember – “Right Where You Want Me To Be”

Hailing from ADTR’s Attack Of The Killer B-Sides EP—which also features the band’s cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”—“Right Where You Want Me To Be” showcases the Floridians fully embracing their pop-punk sensibilities. This is also technically a Christmas song, not that it sounds particularly like a festive tune; this is pure, 100-percent feel-good pop punk.

All Time Low – “Poison”

A bonus cut from the Baltimore quartet’s stellar third full-length, Nothing Personal, “Poison” is a track that sees the pop-punk princes experimenting with the poppier side of their sound, something they’ve since gone on to fully realize. Discard this tune as throwaway pop punk at your peril; however, there are some seriously impressive guitar solos from Jack Barakat here.

Architects – “Silver Bullet”

One from the All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us sessions, “Silver Bullet” packs the same earth-shattering punch everything else the British metallers have produced recently possesses. It’s further proof, too (if ever it was needed), that the recent passing of guitarist Tom Searle has robbed the scene of one of its most thrilling songwriters.

Basement – “Cloud”

“Cloud” is a bonus track on the recently released deluxe edition of emo heroes Basement’s Promise Everything, which has been reissued following the band’s signing to Fueled By Ramen. It’s a cut that shows the U.K. five-piece at their most heartfelt, and if you like your songs super-somber, you could do much worse than this.

Blink-182 – “Parking Lot”

The bangeriffic lead-single from Blink’s upcoming deluxe edition of California sees Matt Skiba taking center stage, and boy, does he sound at home at the heart of the pop-punk megastars. It’s a shame a song this good wasn’t on the album proper, but at least we’ve eventually gotten to hear it. Fingers crossed for more bangers from the rest of the LP.

Bring Me The Horizon – “Deathbeds”

This bonus track from Bring Me The Horizon’s 2013 album Sempiternal hints at what was to come from the band on follow-up That’s The Spirit. Withheld and fully embracing electronics as well as clean vocals, “Deathbeds” was one of the first signs that Oli Sykes and co. were setting their sights squarely on the mainstream.

Foxy Shazam – “Teenage Demon Baby”

It sucks that Foxy Shazam have split, because their completely fucking mental approach to rock music always made them a whole heap of fun. “Teenage Demon Baby” comes from the band’s self-titled-era heyday: You can tell just from the title that the song is going to be absolutely nuts. It doesn’t disappoint; this is camp, crazy and most importantly, wildly creative. Please come back, Foxy

Gerard Way – “Television All The Time”

An added extra on the Japanese version of Gerard Way’s debut solo album, Hesitant Alien, “Television All The Time” has all the quirks of the rest of the former My Chemical Romance frontman’s recent output. One thing’s for sure: Listening to this is way more fun than watching TV. Turn off Netflix and stick some lovely indie-rock down your ears.

My Chemical Romance – “Kill All Your Friends”

Oh, look; it’s Gerard again! Mr. Way stated awhile back on Twitter that in hindsight, “Kill All Your Friends” should’ve closed The Black Parade, as it ties together the themes of the album pretty well. Never has death sounded as good as it does here: “Cuz we all wanna party when the funeral ends, ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba…”

Oasis – “Acquiesce”

Perhaps the ultimate example of how a B-Side can become a serious hit, “Acquiesce” started life out as the bonus track on the single version of “Some Might Say” in 1995, before the song’s popularity resulted in it being released as a proper single three years later. A Japanese actor does a mean Liam Gallagher impression in the accompanying video, which is well worth a watch.

Twenty One Pilots – “Forest”

Any of the four bonus tracks from the Ohio duo’s superb 2013 album Vessel could’ve made it onto this list, but we’ve gone for “Forest” due to the sheer power of that chorus. Plus, it’s no wonder “Forest” is a fan favorite: This song has got everything that makes Twenty One Pilots brilliant. Introspection, heart and defiance are all present in this tune.

Twin Atlantic – “Sparkly Touch”

Twin Atlantic’s 2012 effort Free is one of the finest British rock albums of the past decade, and it’s a record the band have yet to top. “Sparkly Touch” features on the deluxe edition of said LP, and it’s got some of Sam McTrusty’s most emotive lyrics to date: “I don’t know what I’m waiting for/But I’m ready if you’re ready too/I’m obsessed with the feeling that I want to fly with you.” That gets us right in the feelz.

The 1975 – “You”

Found on the deluxe edition of the 1975’s huge self-titled album, “You” is a song that basks in the U.K. indie-rockers’ signature sound. Matty Healy’s cutting vocals combine with an ethereal instrumental backdrop to produce a track that’s darn easy to fall for. This tune’s more experimental nature was also a hint at what was to come from the follow-up album, I Like It When You Sleep…