Some of your favorite musicians have posted proof of pretty sick Halloween costumes over the years, but those don’t compare to when they’re on tour or hanging out together and able to put together a group getup. From Minions to Ninja Turtles, here are some of the best Halloween costumes bands have worn together.

State Champs as Minions

Happy Halloween, from @statechampsny ��

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The Despicable Me series’ Minions are one of the many fads to hit the pop culture circuit in recent years. Whether you love or hate the gibberish-speaking characters, there’s no denying State Champs pulled off this group effort.

Thirty Seconds To Mars as horror movie villains

You probably never thought you’d see Freddy Krueger belting out “Up In The Air” with Michael Myers on guitar and Jason Voorhees on drums, but thanks to 30 Seconds To Mars at KROQ’s 2014 Halloween Costume Ball, now you can.

Pierce The Veil as Ninja Turtles

Pierce The Veil really rocked their take on everyone’s favorite pizza-loving reptiles during 2012’s Collide With The Sky Tour.

You Me At Six as pirates

You Me At Six really got into their costume—all the way down to the pirate speak.

Neck Deep as Slipneck

Neck Deep took their costume to new levels, teasing fans in the days leading up to the reveal of their Slipknot-inspired alter egos, Slipneck. They invested in masks from Hot Topic and bought boiler suits for the band and crew, resulting in quite a memorable outcome.

The Wonder Years as wild animals

Happy Halloween from The Wild Years Crew. ��: @elliottxingham

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The Wonder Years went all out with their animal costumes and referred to themselves as the Wild Years.