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#142 - March 2010

In an exclusive guided tour of the small city that incubated this musical disease, Slipknot reveal their wicked plans for the world and John Pecorelli uncovers the horrible truth behind the masks.

The 20-year-old R&B diva-in-training may have shown her inner bitch on "Caught Out There"-her "I hate you so much right now!" hit single-but here she proves she‘s far from one-dimensional.

Grab Some Bottom
The ace bassists from No Doubt, Primus, Coal Chamber, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Puya share their deepest secrets, while we check out the latest in low end.

The man behind Failure‘s avant-grunge and the Replicants‘ sub-zero tribute to new wave trades in his past for a fresh identity-his own.

Singer Angelo Moore discusses the legacy of Fishbone‘s funk-metal-ska hybrid, and reveals his plans for impregnating the world.


Incoming Letters

New Releases Listing

Wiretapping News
Getting Warped with Green Day, MxPx and Snapcase; testing Veruca Salt‘s resolve; playing Suicide Machines‘ records to die for; raging with Simple Machines on the Internet; replaying the sounds that affect Sofia Coppola; showing Promise with Bad Religion; catching up with Garbage; plus other items of interest to discuss while admiring each others pants.

Low Profile
Pedro The Lion, Travis, Mr. Oizo, Cupcakes, Mira and more.

BPM (electronica and beyond)
Coldcut disciples DJ Food flip the trip-hop script and get funkily cinematic on their excellent new album; superstar trance/house DJ John Digweed’s top spins; reviews of electronica’s elite; and more.

Reviews this issue of new releases by Primal Scream, Ghostface Killah, Mary Timony, Snoop Dogg’s Eastsidaz, Rhino’s history-of-electronic-music comp Machine Soul, Cro-Mags, Belle & Sebastian, Lou Reed, Elliott Smith and many more; Self-Analysis gets an earful from Kid Koala, Goldfinger, Recoil and Supergrass; Origins Of Cool chatters about the little-discussed but sublime Talk Talk; Final Mix experiences the exotic pleasures of the Asian/Indian underground; plus reviews of reissues.


Ten Essential Dance Albums That Rock

Cover and content photos: CHAPMAN BAEHLER