Breakups suck. But if being emo and crying over a broken heart isn't your style, we've got 14 songs for anyone who wants to throw two middle fingers up to their ex instead and prove no one can tear them down.

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While the 2000s were a goldmine for breakup songs (think FOB, Brand New, Dashboard Confessional and AAR), bands in the 2010s are still going strong and giving us perfect material to blast while we burn evidence of a relationship.

Whether you were cheated on, lied to or just dated a complete asshole, these songs will get you through it all. Turn up these tunes that prove, sometimes, it's better to take the low road.

The Story So Far — "High Regard"

Best lyric: Fuck an apology/I'm not sorry for anything

Moose Blood — "I Hope You're Miserable"

Best lyric: I hope you're miserable/I guess I'm feeling better/I left home and left a letter

The Summer Set — "Missin' You"

Best lyric: Feels like I'm finally living more than ever/Since you've been gone I've never felt so alive/Hell yeah, alright, I ain't missin' you

Real Friends — "Late Nights In My Car"

Best lyric: If you never break/You'll never know how to put yourself back together

Mayday Parade — "If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask"

Best lyric: Take me home/I'd rather die than be with you

Knuckle Puck — "No Good"

Best lyric: It's people just like you/Who made me the pessimist I am 

Automatic Loveletter — "Black Ink Revenge"

Best lyric: So I'm writing you out of my dreams/And you'll miss me I swear when I leave