Cutting edge hairstyles have always been at the forefront of the alternative music scene, but no one could've seen this new fad coming. Man buns, rowdy rolls, hair dumplings, whichever term you prefer, this new hair-taming technique is causing an all-out fashion craze. Although these boy buns can be found on just about every corner of the internet, man bunning has found its home in the alternative music scene. We've searched far and wide for the best of the very best, and we're proud to present 15 handpicked buns just for you. Enjoy!

Andy Biersack, vocalist of Black Veil Brides


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We were so impressed with Andy’s new look that it actually inspired this very list. Bravo!


Ronnie Radke, vocalist of Falling In Reverse


A photo posted by Ronnie Radke (@ronnieradke) on

Despite the haters, Ronnie and his man bun stand proud.


Jonny Craig, vocalist of Slaves


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After a long day on tour, Johnny likes to relax—with his man bun.


Davey Muise, vocalist of Vanna


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This is the perfect hairstyle to showcase one of Davey’s many tattoos.


Jonny Craig and Davey Muise: man buns unite!


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Levi Benton, vocalist of Miss May I


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Levi wears his man bun while getting inked.


Jared Leto, vocalist of 30 Seconds To Mars


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The OG man bun.


Craig Mabbitt, vocalist of Escape The Fate/Dead Rabbitts

Craig likes to sport this style on APTV.


Guitarist Alex Pearson and bassist Joel Tyrrell of Hands Like Houses

These Australian boys know a thing or two about hot male hairstyles.


Brandon Hoover, guitarist of Crown The Empire


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Brandon Hoover is spotted with a man bun thanks to our APTV Northwest Correspondent Ci Babs!


Tilian Pearson, vocalist of Dance Gavin Dance

The man bun is Tilian’s signature performance look.


Dani Washington, drummer of Neck Deep


A photo posted by Dani Abasi (@neckdani) on

Keeping the beat while keeping his hair out of his eyes.


Jason Aalon Butler, vocalist of letlive.

Is that—? Is that a scrunchie?


Tony Diaz, guitarist of State Champs


A photo posted by Tony Diaz (@rivaldiaz) on

Testing the limits of his hair ties: Much like fellow man-bunner Levi Benton, Diaz has a lot of hair to tame.


Nick Major, APTV Los Angeles Correspondent


A photo posted by Nick Major (@nick_major) on

Nick adopted his man bun just a few short weeks ago. He often sports this look while on APTV adventures.